NTT Software Innovation Center

NTT Software Innovation Center will not only proactively contribute to the open source community but undertake promoting the research and development by the open innovation and create innovative software platforms and computing platform technologies to support the evolution of the IoT/AI service as a professional group on IT. We will also contribute to reduction of CAPEX/OPEX for IT or strategic utilization of IT, using the accumulated technologies and know-hows regarding software development and operation.


NTT Software Innovation Center is a research organization that is specialized in the IT field. Many people may wonder why NTT Group has a research organization for IT. I feel, however, that both the role of IT R&D in NTT and that of NTT in IT evolution have been growing.

First, the evolution of IT technologies is changing from product-vendor-driven to service-provider-driven. Leading service providers including global mega cloud service providers advance their own services, overcoming the limit of the current IT technologies through in-house technology development. Since it takes certain time for products of product vendors to be similarly improved, a service provider that depends on vendor products extremely falls behind in the competition. NTT also needs to have capabilities of advancing IT technologies for our services to remain competitive in the global IT service market.

Second, value is shifting from the "creation" of new technologies to their "deployment" to the majority segment of the IT users. Since today's software environment enables anyone to invent a technology in a variety of fields, creating new technologies itself provides no advantage. So to speak, if one comes up with some idea, it is very likely that at least 20 persons are making efforts on similar ideas. Otherwise, the idea would be of no value.

On the other hand, to get new technologies adopted by general population, someone has to provide a technical support, because it is increasingly becoming difficult and costly for an average user to acquire enough knowledge about rapidly-advancing IT technologies. While very few organizations can play this role, I believe NTT can. SIC functions as the center of excellence in NTT's fulfilling this role. Like doctors at university hospitals, SIC researchers and engineers are engaged in both R&D and last resort support/troubleshooting for commercially deployed IT systems. That is exactly why the name of the organization is not "laboratory" but "center".

NTT Software Innovation Center can never accomplish the above mission on our own. Without collaborating with companies and engineers that share the same values, we would not be successful. I sincerely appreciate your support and advice.

Vice President,
Head of NTT Software Innovation Center

川島 正久